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How to secure your money without having bank account

Glenda Conner 0

Prime Trust Prepaid credit cards help you secure your money in an effective manner as they give you the ability to set the spending limit of your choice on your card. For setting the limit, you need to make a deposit of a specific amount in your account; with the pre-paid credit limits essentially restricting you to the specified sum when you make purchases using the card. Prepaid credit cards ensure that you do not spend beyond your limit – as you may tend to do with credit cards of banks – and, to get the maximum benefit of this mechanism, you need to comprehensively compare the different prepaid credit card options available to you. You can compare and save cards, before you zero in on a particular pre-paid credit card, and finally select a card which offers you the best deal while enabling you to manage excess expenditure.
Check APR, and terms of grace periods:
With there being several credit card tools available online to compare and save cards, you should select a particular pre-paid credit card only after making a thorough comparison of the annual percentage rate (APR) as well as checking the terms on grace periods. If you go through the comparisons in a painstaking manner, you can select a card with a low APR, so that you end up paying a lower interest on unpaid card balances and transfers. Moreover, with grace periods being the time-period which the card providers give to you before interest starts accruing on your card, the best credit card deal will essentially help you avoid paying high rates of interest after the grace period ends.
Compare credit limit offered and annual rate charged:
If you want to advantageously compare and save cards for securing your money, you should make a comparison of the credit limit which different card providers offer to you, on the basis of your income, credit rating, and past history of your account. Such a comparison will help you know whether you are eligible for a higher credit card limit, after your credit report has been reviewed by the credit providers. Another thing to keep in mind when you compare and save cards is that you are charged annual fees by the card provider. Since this fee can vary from zero to a few hundred pounds, you should ideally select the card for which the annual fees charged is zero.
Check terms for minimum payment limits:
You also need to check the terms of minimum payment limits when you compare and save cards because the varying processing fees on different secured cards includes charges for the application process, card creation, mailing costs, and customer support. Though the card providers offer different options to the card users, you still have to pay the minimum balance on credit card purchases every month, no matter which card you opt for. However, if you compare and save cards carefully, you will find that the minimum balance estimates are made by the card …