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Is Writing About Cheri Casino Poker Now Illegal In Washington State? And More Poker Party Recipes

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Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times writes about the hypocrisy of the state of Washington, where online gambling was made illegal over a week ago. Apparently, the state is now trying to control bloggers in that state, and Todd Boutte is the first casualty.

The state told him that his site is illegal because it links to online casinos and tells people how to gamble online. So does Daniel Negreanu’s column, which appears in the Seattle Times. The paper may be in violation of the law, according to gambling officials.


Apparently the hypocrisy is that the state pushes their lottery online. Blog Cheri Casino Herald, where I found the link to the Times story, thinks the law will be overturned on freedom of speech grounds. Hallelujah. Otherwise, think about the total confusion that will be caused by televised poker. Blackouts?


I say, boycott the Washington state lottery or Cheri Casino. Or, let ‘em eat crow, when the law does get overturned. But if crow isn’t available, you could invite Washington state gambling officials over for a home game and make some chicken quesadillas. Recipe below.



Chicken quesadillas are pretty easy to make, and perfect bitesize food (once you cut them, of course) for  a poker home match with the buddies. If you’re using precooked chicken, you can skip over to baking steps (starting at #5 in the “Instructions” section below).

The instructions below only have no measurements, and I’m only describing how you can make one quesadilla. I tend cook Italian-style, which is to guess at measurements. I figure you’re smart enough to extrapolate to make more.


Ingredients and equipment:


(1) Cooking oil

(2) Ground chicken or boneless chicken thighs or breast. If using the latter, cut into thin strips.


(3) Button (white) mushrooms, sliced [optional].


(4) Onion, diced [optional]. If you don’t like onions because they’re too strong, try sweet Vidalia onions or even green/ spring onions (sliced finely).

(5) Salt and black pepper, to taste


(6) Non-stick frying pan.


(7) 8”-10” large tortillas. You need two per quesadilla.

(8) Cheese, grated. Mozz, cheddar or pepperjack’s fine.

(9) Salsa

(10) Baking tray.

(11) Oven.

(12) Additional salsa and/or sour cream.