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WCOOP kicks off, almost one million dollars up for grabs!

Glenda Conner 0

WCOOP Event #1: Report

The World Championship of Online bitcoin dice kicked off last Friday with Event #1, Short Handed No Limit Hold’em, which had $215 buy in. Big names came out for the event, including Victor Ramdin, The__D__RY (16th ranked player on, jcamby33 (former winner of the Sunday Million), and thegrumpyone (high stakes cash game player) just to name a few. 4,610 players in total entered for their shot at a share of the nearly one million dollar prize pool, more than twice the guaranteed $400,000.

As I played with high hopes of a coveted bracelet in WCOOP Event #1, an interesting message came to my attention. An observer, who was supporting a friend low on chips, typed “Don’t worry……the cream will rise to the top soon.”

He was right.

Zangbezan24, aka 1mperium, considered the best online tournament player in the world by fellow pros according to, was in the lead very briefly three and a half hours into the tournament. However, while the leader board was filled with many familiar names, one familiar name stood out. Samh133, a well known high stakes cash game regular, without a doubt was a dark horse to win.

As the tournament went on, Zangbezan24 was no where to be seen on the leader board, and eventually busted out in 326th place, while jcamby33 rocketed up into the top 20. However, it was not Jcamby’s day either, as he finished in 39th place. When we finally reached the last half dozen players, the clear favorites had to be TiltHappens, a mid-stakes cash game regular, and samh133, who was a high stakes cash game regular. But luck seemed to be on Samh’s side. TiltHappens on the other hand, ended up busting out in forth after suffering some huge bad beats.

Over 16 hours after the tournament began, we were left with a worthy winner, samh133, who scored over $150,000 for his victory.

Cash game professional takes down the first bracelet

Samh133 was no amateur poker player. The 25 year old from Chicago had quit his accounting job in January to pursue a career in poker. There’s little doubt he made the right choice: Before he entered this tournament he had career earnings of roughly $750,000. Samh actually had little tournament experience before entering into Event #1, as he was mostly a high stakes, short handed cash game player, who is considered by his peers as one of the best at his stakes. “He’s just one of those ridiculously solid players.” Says kingsofcards, a fellow player at Samh’s stakes. Local FTR high stakes player sauce123 also had high praise to Samh’s game. “I think he’s the best 10/20 reg on stars… seriously, I think he’s sick.”

Samh thought he had a big advantage in this specific tournament for a few reasons. First, it was 6-max. This was a format that Samh played all the time, while most tournament players are used to 9 or 10 person tables. “There’s a big difference [strategy wise] …