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Treating Acne though Hormonal Therapy | Best filler near me hawaii

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Acne is a common skin problem in teenagers during puberty stages. It is also prevalent in adults. Research has shown that the primary reason for acne is hormonal changes in the body during puberty. In you are interested in learning about “Best filler near me hawaii“, visit this website– today.
The body secretes androgens during the puberty phase which affects the sebaceous glands in the skin. The sebaceous glands in the skin are responsible to produce oil for lubrication and moisturizing the skin cells. The androgens make the sebaceous glands bigger and hence cause overactive sebaceous cells producing more than necessary amount of oil in the skin. Blockage of pores further results in concentration of this oil in the sebaceous glands. The bacteria then cause inflammation and infection causing acne which becomes visible as pimples.
Hormonal treatments have been discovered by dermatologists through research and analysis. Hormonal therapy is recognized as a very effective home treatment for acne nowadays. Hormonal therapy for acne controls the effect of hormones on the sebaceous cells and helps to control acne. The hormonal therapy includes oral contraceptives and non-contraceptive anti-androgen medicines. This article will bring out the important aspects of hormonal therapy in dealing with acne.
Oral Contraceptives: The oral contraceptive medicines contain estrogen and progesterone hormones. These hormones directly affect the production of androgen in the body during puberty phase. The control of androgen helps to control acne. The tests have proven that the estrogens and progesterone hormones decrease the production of adrenal and androgens. These hormones also help to reduce the androgenic or testosterone activity and reduce the androgen production. Certain progesterone hormones which result in low androgen production are used in treatment of acne. Alternatively, anti-androgenic progesterone based medicines in combination with estrogen components are also effective in treating acne. These oral contraceptives are more effective option for women with acne problems. Along with the hormonal medicines topical creams are also prescribed in cases of mild and non-scarring acne. These medicines are also very effective in cases of scarring and severe inflammatory acne. However these hormonal medicines do have side effects. The most common side effects of these oral contraceptive medicines are headache and nausea. These oral contraceptives can also be used by adult women fro protection as well as curing and preventing acne.
Non-contraceptive anti-androgen medicines: These medicines are different from the hormonal contraceptive medicines. The non contraceptive, anti androgen medicines consist certain type of synthetically derived steroids. These synthetic steroids have anti-androgen capabilities. These steroids attach themselves to the androgen receptors in the body. Then these steroids block the androgens from affecting the skin cells, particularly the sebaceous glands. The synthetic steroids also help in reducing the enzyme activity in the body and therefore reduce the production and synthesis of androgen in the body. Since these medicines do not hamper with the hormonal activities of the body, they produce less side effects than the oral contraceptive medicines. Further research in this field is still progressing. …