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I Seen it But I Don’t Believe It …스포츠토토

Glenda Conner 0

…well anyone that is even semi-regularly reading my blog will realise by now I’m trying hard to avoid the bad beat stories. It has to be the most tempting thing in poker, to cry to the world how if only you just ran normal, then your스포츠토토would be awesome … and yet noone wants to hear it, because everyone struggles with variance to some extent.
So with that out of the way … I’m not really going to tell a bad beat story – more of a cooler story. Becuase in the last 72 hours, I have run KK into AA no less than SIX TIMES. Yep 6 … in what could not be more than 1000 hands of poker. 5 online and one live. What are the odds of that ??? I’m getting to the point where I flinch when I see the first K dealt! Fortunately the last one I sucked out and hit a K on the river, or otherwise I think my mouse might have been in danger …
Despite what it fairly obviously just a horrendous short term run of variance, it is more interesting becuase I have been playing more and more on UB where the average VPIP of games is usually over 50. This means the games are ultra juicy but the swings are obviously going to be way bigger. I have trouble giving 55+ VPIP players for a hand, I get three or four bet and assume that because they are mega loose their range must be wide. I think I need to start realising that this isnt necessarily the case in raised or re-raised pots.
Rebuy Fun
Over on the private forum I am a member of, called the Plus One, back in January I ran a series of tournaments which proved quite successful. The most entertaining of these was the $2 Rebuy, with 26 entrants we managed a prize pool somehwere in the region of $1500, total degeneracy! Anyway given it worked so well I organised another which was played last week.
We only got ten starters this time which was a bit of a disappointment, however there was still a lot of rebuying 🙂 I managed to take it down for $222, not bad considering I was in for only $15. I had a set of nines cracked early but then had a few hands hold up to mean I didnt need to rebuy a lot. Two big hands helped me on my way, once I had TT on a T88 flop where my opponent held an 8, and then when 3 way I made the nut flush with AdQd and my opponent made a smaller flush. Heads up went for well over an hour considering how many chips were in play, thats the other difference with these rebuys … you end up with enormous chipstacks relative to the blinds if you actually go deep. A lot of fun and that puts my limited tourney record for the …