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Tomorrow is the first event of the 먹튀사이, 10k buyin Pot Limit Holdem. And despite it being a format I don’t like, I can’t wait to hear them say “Shuffle Up and Deal.”

I am not a fan of PL Holdem due to the fact that there are no antes and antes are what allow an aggressive player like myself to chip up at ease. For example, if the blinds are

200-400 a typical ante is 50. If there are 9 players at the table and you raise and steal the blinds you pick up 600 + 50 x 9, which is 1050 chips. So a standard raise of 1200 nets you 1050, which is .875:1. If there are no antes you will only gain 600 chips, which is .5:1. That is a big difference if you are raising and stealing a lot preflop. I guess I’ll have to bring a different style to the table to adjust for the change.

Either way I will be there, playing my ass off. I have been really envisioning great things for me at this WSOP during this live poker break. It’s been great working out and getting healthy and not stressing over poker. Taking a long break is something I we should all think about if things start to turn sour and nothing is working to fix it.

The Magic Pro Tour in LA went decent for me. I had a great time and saw many close friends and others that I hadn’t seen in a while which is always great. The tournament on the other hand didn’t go so well. I couldn’t decide on a deck until the late hours of the night before, which I hate doing, and even then picked a bad deck. I lost my first round to a little bit of bad luck and the second to having a bad deck. After a 0-2 start I finally picked up a win and then lost again. At 1-3 I had to win the next 4 matches of the day to make the cut for the second day. I won the first 3 and found myself at 4-3; I finally had a winning record. In the 8th and final round of the day, playing for day 2, I got a bad match up and proceeded to get crushed in two quick games. I usually am pretty clutch when playing for something, such as money, a spot in the top 8 or even day 2, but there was just nothing I could do, other than pick a different deck to start.

I hope everyone is enjoying the SnG video. There should be another going up soon. Trust me, I already recorded it . I may make more SnG videos, they were fun to film but let me know in the forums if there is something else you would like to see.

So far so good

Well the working out and dieting is going pretty good. It was tough …