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Poker DIY

Glenda Conner 0



I can’t remember exactly when the idea of DIY became popular but there is no doubt that all over the world, people are relishing the idea of doing things themselves.  It is thus no surprise that even Poker would have its own DIY.  What is this about really?


Ok imagine you setting up your own poker league.  You and your friends thought that it would be a great way to meet people and have nights full of poker fun.  Maybe there is some money involved and that makes your league all the more exciting.  In the beginning, it is just small and you have no problems monitoring everything.  Yet as time passes by, it seems that more and more people are getting into poker and your league just seems to expand at such a rapid pace.  You are now finding it hard to manage your league.  What do you do?


Get Poker DIY, a poker league management software.  According to Rodney Joyce, the founder of Poker DIY, “PokerDIY solves the problem by offering a complete online poker league management solution with poker game scheduling, league Casino Cbet scoreboards and all the ingredients you would expect from a social network dedicated to poker players. Today we upped the ante by allowing poker league hosts to publish their tourney results directly from the well-known desktop poker game management software, The Tournament Director”.


If you are already using the Tournament Director, then chances are you have a clear idea of what I am talking about – this is merely taking things one step further.  For those who are still unclear, go to PokerDIY and see for yourselves.


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