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Finding Your Niche on eBay

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You’ve spent a day or maybe two or three cruising around eBay. You even registered and bought that iPod skin your niece wants for her birthday. Now it’s time to get down to business; that is, your business. Just exactly what is it that you are going to sell on eBay? The right choice of product is one of the most important decisions you will make when you become an eBay seller. If you are already successfully selling products in a different environment, it is still important to select that perfect product from among your wares that is best suited to your eBay audience.
It is true that many people clean out their closets and turn a tidy penny auctioning off their loot on eBay. However, the day is long past when any moldy old pair of shoes from the back of the closet would be snapped up by an eager eBay buyer. Even if you did make a killing with last year’s snow boots, the detritus from your storage unit doesn’t make for much of a business plan. There are many people though who have built eBay businesses selling the contents of other people’s closets for them so that is one area at which you might want to look.
When considering your product, think along these lines:
Do you want to sell an item which reflects a personal passion? Hobbies are the basis for many eBay success stories as are personal interests such as a specific period in history or a style in fashion.
Do you want to serve as a conduit for other people to sell their products on eBay? Stores to which individuals consign their items are mushrooming throughout the country. This sort of eBay store, however, can be both labor and capital intensive. You will also need to have a solid knowledge base of eBay expertise or employ someone who has the know how.
Do you want to expand your current bricks and mortar customer base by establishing an eBay presence? eBay is an excellent way to quickly implement an online strategy.
Do you want to purchase items and resell them on eBay? You can accomplish this goal by purchasing single pieces that you scout out or by being a drop ship merchant. Picking up wholesale lots is another way of being a reseller.
Now you are well on your way to discovering your route to eBay success. Once you have narrowed down possibilities for the kind of eBay merchant you want to be, it is time to do more online research. It may seem to you that a lot of time is being spent just looking around and getting a feel for the terrain. You will find though that tomorrow’s eBay success is founded on today’s eBay research.
Don’t Lose An eBay eBook Sale
How many times have you seen terms similar to this at the end of a listing while browsing eBay?
“Terms and conditions! Please read before bidding”.
Payment must be made within …

Priming the slot hoki pump

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Warning: The following is mindless drivel that is not even worth reading. I just needed to get it out of my system for the morning
In Kansas City, Missouri, the autumn air can take on a bit of a dewy haze. Bright red brake lights on the noodly junction onto I-70 shoot through the dew droplets in millions of tiny prisms. It makes it hard to drive, especially if you’re fighting to get back to a holiday slot hoki you created. It makes it even harder if your libido is making it difficult for you to correctly turn the steering wheel.
Damn that woman, I thought, just two seconds after my front right tire slammed into a bridge.
It was the last weekend of October 1992.
That night was sort of a turning point in my life. The car survived, I made the trip back to Columbia, MO. I left the woman behind and proceeded to embark on a night of debauchery that I have matched few times in my young life.
The last weekend in October–back in those days–was Dionysian Weekend, a self-proclaimed holiday-ish event that took my friends through three straight days of silliness and rowdy-rambling.
I was ill-prepared for that first holiday weekend. It ended with me sprawled on a bathroom floor, speckled with grape-scented vomit, and a guy standing above me remarking, “You can still smell the grape!”
At some point in our lives, we all realize that while spontaneity is a virtue, preparation is no sin.
It was shortly after that weekend that I took to priming the pump for big events.
And as any reader knows, a big event sits on the all-too tantalizingly close horizon.
I’m like a little damned kid when it comes to stuff like the next week’s WPBT conference. It’s not all I think about, but it fills a goodly portion of my daydream musings. G-Rob and I can only take a certain portion of our workday to discuss the lack of sleep we expect to get before the Holiday Classic, our poor chances of lasting past the first break, and how we plan to maintain our composure over several long days in Vegas. We do have to do some work before then, after all.
And while Mrs. Otis has been quite a champ about the whole thing, I do my best not to overfill her head with my musings. After all, she’s staying home to take care of L’il Otis while I go have fun.
Brief digression: Here’s something fun about Mrs. Otis that I haven’t shared yet. Thanksgiving night, after the in-laws had left the house, I retired to bed with the laptop and started playing a little NL. Eventually, Mrs. Otis snuggled in beside me, quizzing me on pot odds, implied odds, and the like. On one particular hand, I flopped an open-ended straight draw. My opponent underbet the pot, giving me the odds to call. I explained my play to Mrs. Otis, listing my …

Street Closures, Fitness In Park

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MONTCLAIR, NJ — Montclair will be temporarily closing South Park and Church streets to traffic on the weekends to help businesses beat the coronavirus pandemic, officials announced Thursday.

The township will also be creating a space for local fitness studios to offer socially-distanced exercise sessions at Crane Park (see more details below).

The effort is the result of a partnership between the township and the Montclair Center Business Improvement District (BID).

A pilot program to close South Park and Church streets will kick off Friday and continue through September, according to a joint statement from the town and the BID:

The BID assumed all costs for the first weekend of street closures, and the township will cover street closure costs through Sept. 27.

The BID and the township are also examining other sections of downtown to possibly present more street closures and parklet spaces to create additional pedestrian space and slow traffic.

In addition to the street closures, Crane Park will have an area dedicated to instructor-led fitness classes. Local fitness studios will have use of 60 socially-distanced spots: 35 for members, and 25 to be open to members of the public on a “first-come, first-served basis.” You can also learn about “how to change your facial structure“, click here

Montclair also plans to develop a digital ad campaign to encourage township residents and visitors from surrounding communities to shop safely and enjoy the local outdoor restaurant scene.

Other municipal efforts to ease the COVID-19 woes in Montclair include waiving sidewalk café permit fees, and offering the first 15 minutes of parking free of charge to encourage curbside pickup services.

This is in addition to the town’s previously launched COVID-19 recovery and business re-opening plan, which makes grant funding available to local small businesses. As of Thursday, the town has received more than 150 applications, and will soon send out grant checks to qualifying businesses, officials said.

Story continues

“All of these measures will allow our businesses and restaurants to expand their footprint for more traffic and patrons,” Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller said.

“We also want to provide residents and visitors greater opportunities to spend time outdoors, whether it’s enjoying an alfresco meal, shopping in our local stores, or simply taking a stroll on our streets, while following all public health requirements,” Spiller said.

“None of this would have been possible without an engaged and creative community of retailers, restaurateurs, designers, township and community leaders,” said Jason Gleason, executive director of the BID.…

Tat0chka Wins keluaran hk WCOOP Event 14

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As most poker players may know, the World Championship of Online Poker is underway at PokerStars. Event 14, a six-max knockout event, lasted two days and drew 3,568 registrants. With a $265 buy-in, $50 of which was a bounty, a mammoth $713,600 prize pool was created for the taking. The prize pool would be shared by 450 players with the winner set to win $110,609.02.
Of course, there were tons of professionals looking for a piece of the pie. The most famous poker player to take home some money was Daniel Negreanu who placed in 362nd place. Other well-known players included Shane “shaniac” Scleger who placed in 311th, Juan Pastor who placed in 96th and JP Kelly who placed in 22nd.
On day two, the final table began play. The table dynamic was as follows:
Seat 1 – rivichico – 2,646,428 chips
Seat 2 – ghth – 3,159,341 chips
Seat 3 – Tat0chka – 3,532,659 chips
Seat 4 – crispoker10 – 2,052,093 chips
Seat 5 – Hustlaaaaaa – 2,706,787 chips
Seat 6 – probirs – 3,742,692 chips
Hustlaaaaaa, Crispoker10, and Tat0chka were the final three left battling on the virtual felt. Hustlaaaaaa had the chip lead but was sent to the rail in two hands. In the first of these hands, Hustlaaaaaa called Tat0chka’s five-bet shove with AdQh only to lose to aces for 5.9 million chips. Three hands later, he lost with top-pair on a K75-rainbow flop. His Kh2d was completely dominated by Crispoker10′s AsKs. He lost the rest of his chips; keluaran hk and Tat0chka were to play heads-up with Tat0chka entering the contest with more than a 2:1 chip lead.
During the heads-up match, discussions of a deal began to surface. However, Tat0chka couldn’t get the $95,000 she wanted crispoker10 to agree to. Only four hands after the deal discussion, all the chips found themselves in the middle of the table:
The blinds were at 80,000 and 160,000. Crispoker10 opened the action to 320,000 and Tat0chka called. The flop came Js9c8d. Tat0chka checked to the raiser and crispoker10 bet 412,555. Tat0chka raised it to 1,123,550 and crispoker10 called. The turn was a 6c and Tat0chka led out with a bet of 1,576,550. Crispoker10 shoved for the rest of his chips and Tat0chak called showing 9h8c for two-pair. This was a bad time for crispoker10 to have pocket cowboys needing a jack, six, or king to survive. However, crispoker10 missed all eight outs when a 7s came on the river. The WCOOP title was given to Tat0chka who won $110,609.62 for their efforts. Crispoker10 took home $80,993.60 for their runner-up efforts. The rest of the final table finished as follows:
1st – Tat0chka – $110,609.02
2nd – crispoker10 – $80,993.60
3rd – Hustlaaaaaa – $59,585.60
4th – rivichico – $38,177.60
5th – probirs – $23,192.00
6th – ghth – $12,488.00…

WCOOP kicks off, almost one million dollars up for grabs!

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WCOOP Event #1: Report

The World Championship of Online bitcoin dice kicked off last Friday with Event #1, Short Handed No Limit Hold’em, which had $215 buy in. Big names came out for the event, including Victor Ramdin, The__D__RY (16th ranked player on, jcamby33 (former winner of the Sunday Million), and thegrumpyone (high stakes cash game player) just to name a few. 4,610 players in total entered for their shot at a share of the nearly one million dollar prize pool, more than twice the guaranteed $400,000.

As I played with high hopes of a coveted bracelet in WCOOP Event #1, an interesting message came to my attention. An observer, who was supporting a friend low on chips, typed “Don’t worry……the cream will rise to the top soon.”

He was right.

Zangbezan24, aka 1mperium, considered the best online tournament player in the world by fellow pros according to, was in the lead very briefly three and a half hours into the tournament. However, while the leader board was filled with many familiar names, one familiar name stood out. Samh133, a well known high stakes cash game regular, without a doubt was a dark horse to win.

As the tournament went on, Zangbezan24 was no where to be seen on the leader board, and eventually busted out in 326th place, while jcamby33 rocketed up into the top 20. However, it was not Jcamby’s day either, as he finished in 39th place. When we finally reached the last half dozen players, the clear favorites had to be TiltHappens, a mid-stakes cash game regular, and samh133, who was a high stakes cash game regular. But luck seemed to be on Samh’s side. TiltHappens on the other hand, ended up busting out in forth after suffering some huge bad beats.

Over 16 hours after the tournament began, we were left with a worthy winner, samh133, who scored over $150,000 for his victory.

Cash game professional takes down the first bracelet

Samh133 was no amateur poker player. The 25 year old from Chicago had quit his accounting job in January to pursue a career in poker. There’s little doubt he made the right choice: Before he entered this tournament he had career earnings of roughly $750,000. Samh actually had little tournament experience before entering into Event #1, as he was mostly a high stakes, short handed cash game player, who is considered by his peers as one of the best at his stakes. “He’s just one of those ridiculously solid players.” Says kingsofcards, a fellow player at Samh’s stakes. Local FTR high stakes player sauce123 also had high praise to Samh’s game. “I think he’s the best 10/20 reg on stars… seriously, I think he’s sick.”

Samh thought he had a big advantage in this specific tournament for a few reasons. First, it was 6-max. This was a format that Samh played all the time, while most tournament players are used to 9 or 10 person tables. “There’s a big difference [strategy wise] …

togel Poker Prohibition Warning From The U.K.

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The UK’s Culture MP Tessa Jowell has commented togel that the UK government’s plans to regulate online gambling will do best at protecting children and vulnerable people.

“Gambling is a diverse, vibrant and innovative industry and a popular leisure activity enjoyed in many forms by millions of people in Britain today,” Jowell said. “And this leisure environment is also a source of employment and wealth for many towns and cities.

This bill aims to ensure that the public can enjoy that choice to the full and with confidence. It recognizes that adults need to be trusted and treated like adults.”

Her stance, and that of her government, is completely unlike that of the US, which she commented was comparable to alcohol prohibition in the early 1920s.

“Broadly speaking we have three choices,” she said. “You can prohibit, like the US, do nothing or regulate, like we have.”

She added: “America should have learnt the lessons of prohibition. The Volstead Act was meant to stop alcohol from causing harm, but in practice it forced otherwise law-abiding customers into the hands of the bootleggers.

Jowell also warned the real danger is that offshore sites which are unregulated by the country’s laws will become the ‘modern day equivalent of speakeasies’, increasing the risk of fraud and exploitation in the industry.

Golden Gift Not So Golden –
WSOP Winnings Saga Update

World Series of togel Poker champion Jamie Gold has stated he has absolutely no intention of sharing half of his $12 million winnings with Bruce Leyser who he met during the tournament.

Leyser recently claimed that Gold had promised him half of any winnings in return for help he provided in securing Gold’s seat at the infamous tournament. The so called promise was recorded on Leyser’s answering machine.

After winning the tournament and failing to pay up Leyser filed a lawsuit against Gold which resulted in a temporary restraining order stopping the release of the money from the Rio All Suites where the tournament was held.

Last week Gold retaliated with a court briefing stating that the agreement was “nothing more than a promise to make a gift.”

Richard Schonfeld, Leyser’s attorney, said Gold’s position is “absurd” and the fact that Gold admitted to the deal provides affirmation that Leyser is entitled to the $6 million. Schonfeld said in an interview “We’re glad they finally took a position.” Adding “Even though we were extremely confident in our case we are more confident now that we will prevail.”

The real issue at stake here is whether a verbal agreement is binding.

Leyser’s claim is that Gold’s seat was paid for by an internet poker company in return for him finding celebrities to also play in the tournament wearing the company’s logo.

Leyser further claims that Gold asked him to help with this in return for a share of his seat and any potential winnings. Leyser held up his end of the bargain by finding two actors to play in the tournament and wear the …

Top Celebrity Poker Players

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Turn the channel to any high-stakes poker event, and chances are high that you’ll see at least one Hollywood celebrity in the thick of the action. With flexible schedules and larger-than-average bankrolls, celebrities have both the time and inclination to hone their poker playing skills in tournaments around the world. Some, of course, never rise above the rank of amateur, but others go on to become familiar faces in the world of poker. What follows is a list of ten of the best celebrity poker players in the world (listed in no particular order).

Ben Affleck – It’s hard to argue Affleck’s status as one of the best celebrity poker players in the world after he won the California State Poker Championship in June of 2004 (where he won $356,400). When he’s not acting in movies such as Daredevil or Armageddon, Affleck collects vintage video-arcade machines and has been known to take poker lessons from pros like Amir Vahedi and Annie Duke. His win at the California Championship also qualified him for a seat at the 2004 World Poker Tour final tournament.

Patrick Bruel – toto hk Bruel is a well-known French singer and actor, having performed in over 40 television and film productions and recorded numerous top-selling albums. He also happens to be a world-class poker player. So while he may go unrecognized by American movie audiences, poker players from around the world will instantly recognize his face. Why? Well, in 1998 Patrick picked up a World Series of Poker bracelet for winning the 1998 $5000 Limit Hold’em event. He has also placed in the money numerous times in WSOP events, and earned over $750,000 in live play events.

Jennifer Tilly – This Oscar-nominated actress has starred in such hits as The Fabulous Baker Boys and Bullets Over Broadway. However, she has publicly stated that she’s becoming more interested in poker than acting. One look at her accomplishments in the poker world and it’s easy to see why. In June of 2005, Tilly outlasted 600 other players and won her first World Series of Poker bracelet (and $158,625) in the Ladies’ No-Limit Hold’em event, becoming the first celebrity to do so. She has also won the World Poker Tour Ladies Invitational Tournament and competed in Poker Royale, Poker Superstars, and Celebrity Poker Showdown.

Josh Malina – With acting credits such as Sports Night and The West Wing, Malina is a respected actor of both the stage and screen. He is also an avid poker player. In fact, when he was struggling to get his career off the ground, he would often play poker in order to have enough money to pay his rent. Now that he’s financially secure, Malina is spreading his love of poker by producing Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown.

Matt Damon – After starring in the poker film Rounders, you might expect the world-famous Damon to know his way around a deck of cards. He’s a regular entrant in the annual World Series of Poker, and his …

Review of The Hand I Played

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Last year the poker world lost one of its greatest advocates. In his books, magazine, and newspaper articles David Spanier entertained both those who regularly patronize the world’s poker rooms and folks those who have never set foot in one. Spanier is one of the few poker authors who is a writer first and foremost, and this is readily apparent in his books which are a true pleasure to read. Just before his death, the University of Nevada press decided to publish what will be his last contribution to the world of poker, the eerily appropriately titled book, The Hand I Played.

The Hand I Played is mostly a collection and often an elaboration of articles that Spanier had written for various publications, although several pieces appear in this book for the first time. The first section provides an insight into Spanier’s character and his early experiences that led to his fascination with gambling. The second considers the appeal of gambling to human beings as a species. The author also discusses the regulation of the casino business, advocating the protection of the gambler more so than the casinos or a government’s view of propriety. This is an enlightened view which folks with authority would be well advised to adopt.

Chapter 3 recounts Spanier’s adventures and encounters on a Caribbean poker cruise. He reacts bemusedly to folks who are more interested in playing cards than enjoying the sights of a beautiful part of the world, as well as to the fact that anyone would ask him, much less pay his way, to speak to this crowd of poker fanatics on the topic of tournament Slot Gacor strategy. Chapter 4 is a series of articles that feature a (probably mostly) fictional home game, seen from the eyes of a player that can’t seem to make the right moves, coincidentally named Dave. Even though I don’t generally enjoy the wackier poker games that pervade home games or even descriptions of them, the novelty and skilled writing of these stories written from the point of view of the mostly hapless protagonist was quite entertaining.

Spanier next discusses his experiences with the Internet and playing poker on it. This isn’t a great description of the nature of ‘Net gambling, and Spanier is quick to admit his lack of technical savvy, but he manages to paint a fascinating portrait of this remarkable industry. In Chapter 6, the author presents some of his thoughts about gambling and Las Vegas in literature, considering such authors as Dostoevsky, Puzzo, and Thompson. I found his insights on this topic to be fascinating.

Before the book concludes with a description of Texas Hold’em for those who aren’t familiar with the game, Spanier describes his experiences playing in the most highly revered poker event in the world, the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament at the World Series of Poker. Even though Spanier didn’t finish in the money and, by his own admission, didn’t even play terribly well, his description of his trip …

Why hiring a certified translation company is worth it

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Selecting a certified translations provider for the translation of your important documents like legal papers, company manuals and scientific study is worth it. There are cheap translations that are available everywhere most especially in the Web but they can not be trusted with important documents for several reasons. Most likely, their translators are not certified and are not capable of translating technical and complex documents. They are ideal if the documents that need to be translated are ordinary and do not affect your work or life. has posted several reasons why it is best to hire a certified and proven translations provider. Companies that have been in translation business for sometime have professional and certified translators. In order for them to compete in this business they must hire capable and qualified translators that produce quality output. They also have a guarantee that the output will be accurate and precise.More about Translation Agencies UK


Jeju island’s ordinances to be translated to English


The Jeju province contains several natural attractions that travelers and tourists around the world love to visit. The province is also considered residents of many expatriates who have come to love the province because of the friendliness of the people and the beauty of nature in the place.  In short, people in Jeju came from different corners of the globe and some of them are still having a hard time understanding the language.


According to, in order to accommodate the non-Koreans in Jeju Island, Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Council or JSPC have decided to translate some of its important ordinances to English. They already translated 2 legal documents and plans to finish 3 more. The translated documents refer to ordinances that involves the promotion of investments and ordinance that refers to support of multicultural families. The JSPC is planning to launch a Web site in Korean and English version to further support the non-English residents of Jeju.


Member’s of Parliament having a hard time reading EU papers


Germany’s members of parliament are complaining of bad translation in some of European Union’s papers from Brussels which have caused them delay. According to a report in one of Germany’s local paper, the bad translation has slowed their important political work and some approvals on certain issues have been delayed because of this. The bad translation from Brussels has been occurring for a long time now and Germany’s parliament member are asking them to take actions in order to fix this problem.

Germany’s parliament member has viewed European Union’s paper to be obstacle to their ongoing day to day transactions especially because of the ongoing crisis in Europe. The badly translated papers are not only causing headache to members of the parliament but have caused delays to approval of budgets in the European Union. The European Commission promised new ways of translating official papers but no action has been taken yet to avoid errors in the translation of official papers from Brussels.


Megah Moolah Finally Pays Out $5,556,736 Jackpot

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After weeks of anticipation, a lucky Finnish player has won the massive Mega Moolah progressive jackpot available at Microgaming online casinos such as

“Klaus E.” won the historical $5,556,736 jackpot on April 18th on a 50 cent wager. The jackpot has been reset and is already well over $2.8 million (€1.8) This is one of the largest jackpots in online gambling history, second only to the $5.9 million jackpot won on the Millionaire’s Club progressive.

The instant multi-millionaire – Microgaming’s 13th — said he was “stunned, in disbelief, and shaking from the excitement.” When he calms down, the fortunate Finn will fly to Sydney, Australia to receive his check and celebrate his winnings.

“First I’m going to pay off my house and take a luxurious vacation,“ he said. “Then I’ll figure out the future.”

Other Jackpot News

It was a big week for jackpots. also announced that one lucky player walked away with a six-figure prize after winning on its Jackpot Pinatas progressive.

Meanwhile, at ClubUSA, the Midlife Crisis progressive jackpot is approaching a million dollars and there are two other six-figure jackpots ready to be hit as well: Isis 3000 is over $239,000 and Crazy Dragon is over $107K.

Lucky Nugget Casino – Review

Olivier C of Switzerland could be forgiven for thinking he was in Las Vegas – or perhaps Monte Carlo – for he recently played the new Treasure Nile progressive slots and won the world’s largest online progressive jackpot for a staggering $389,843.56 – so now, if he wants to, he can fly first class to check out the real thing!

This momentous event in online gaming took place at the Lucky Nugget Casino – one of the Net’s oldest, safest and most popular casinos – and so I felt it was time to go back and see what has changed.

I first came across the Lucky Nugget in early 2000 – it was one of my first experiences with a Microgaming casino – and I had quite an interesting time there, even if I didn’t win anything (but I did break even). As one of the first casinos to have a networked progressive slot machine, the now-famous CashSplash, it drew a lot of attention from gamblers, including myself.

Now, about 18 months later, the Lucky Nugget has had a significant facelift – perhaps reminiscent of the facelift downtown Vegas got when it created the Fremont Street Experience – and it now boasts 42 casino games, including all six Unique Casino Microgaming progressive slots and video poker, as well as the now-popular multi-line Jacks or Better Power Poker, which is quickly becoming the video poker player’s game of choice on the Net. Pity that I never seem to win though – just my luck, or perhaps stupidity in playing until I ran out of funds even though I was getting some nice wins.

Lucky Nugget will even give you $10 to start off if you are a new player – and match your first …