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Micro blading Chattanooga: The top five things to think about prior to choosing your Plastic Surgeon

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Once you have made the decision to enhance your looks, stave off aging or improve your appearance you need someone to do it for you. In choosing your plastic surgeon in the Sacramento Valley there are many things to consider, however there are five main issues that tend to separate most plastic surgeons. In you are interested in learning about “Micro blading Chattanooga“, visit this website– today.
In choosing your plastic surgeon especially one for a facelift or other facial procedure consider these five questions. In the past most plastic surgeons recommended similiar procedures and had similar training and backgrounds. With many new types of doctors enetering the cosmetic field of surgery you may want to have a good idea of where your advice or consultation is coming from.
Does your personality match
This is important as this relationship can be a long one in which you will need to trust this person to make recommendations about when and how to precede with enhancing your looks. Do you trust that they will be recommending based upon what is best for you or for them?
What does the office staff say?
Find out if this doctor is for real. How does he treat his staff? Do they like working for him or are they looking for employment elsewhere. Has anyone in the office had the doctor perform procedures for them or their family? These are helpful hints into the office and a real testimony to the doctor’s care.
What kind of training have they done
If the doctor only knows how to do a little laser and some injections that is what you are going to be offered. If they have done training in family medicine or OB/GYN or Otolaryngology and then have subsequently taken a few weekend courses before entering into their cosmetic medical practice they may give you a different level of care than someone whom has devoted their entire training to plastic surgery and whom focus’ on a particular facet of cosmetic surgery. These are good questions and reveal what bias they may have in what they recommend to you for treatment. If you go to someone whom only does a quick lift or a lifestyle facelift , rest assured you will be offered that surgery or procedure even if they maybe other options for your particular individual features and goals. Know what feature you want to enhance before your consultation with the plastic surgeon. You will get a better result if you let your surgeon help you choose from a variety options rather than choosing a procedure based upon internet pictures and testimonials and choosing a doctor that performs the particular one size fits all procedure.
What do previous patients look like or say about their experience
You need to look at the brag book. Are there only perfect results in the book or is there a variety of results? Do any of the patients in the book have similar features to you and how do they look. How comfortable would the doctor be taking care of you if you weren’t satisfied with your result? These are good questions to be asking yourself while in your consultation. How does your doctor respond? Again this is a relationship you want to feel comfortable with.
Track record
What type of practice has this doctor had in the past? Do they come from a foreign country? How many years have they been performing plastic surgery. Do they specialize in cosmetics or is it something they dabble in on the side perhaps once a week or month? Do they advertize heavily to obtain new patients or do they rely on word of mouth referrals? What does their website say about them? Do they have privileges at the local hospital to do the same procedures they are doing in their office? These questions will get the their past experiences and what others in the community might think of them as well.
At Chrysalis Cosmetics we sincerely want you to make a great decision in regards to your appearance. We congratulate you on doing your homework before considering an enhancement as there are so many options available to your these days. Trust your instincts. Choose carefully and enjoy the process. The transformations are exciting!

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