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How to Hit Fairway Woods

Glenda Conner 0

Working on how to improve your hit fairway woods can give you a big boost as far as your game is concern. Although its entirely true that these are the least used clubs, there are still scenarios wherein you will need them in some scenarios.

If you’re completely new on learning how to hit fairway woods, here are some nice tips to get you going.

Tips to Hit Fairway Woods

Tip 1. Clubs are different from your irons. The swing mechanics are not the same with the distance so when you use long irons, you occasionally want to hit a big divot.

Tip 2. Try to line up your feet with the target. Play it a little forwarded and make sure to keep your arms extended and your spine straight.

Tip 3. If you’re ball is in the rough, tap the club behind the golf ball to tamp down some grasses. This isn’t illegal as long as you don’t actually hit the ball.

Tip 4.If you’re learning how to hit fairway, do make sure to keep your forward arm as straight as it could be during your swing. Also, turn your hips fully to generate the maximum power.

Tip 5. Never ever try to scoop the ball off the ground. Remember that your goal is to tap the ball cleanly and the loft will eventually do the rest.

The workaround here is to make some smooth controlled movement as this is the best way to fly the ball on target.

Tip 6. Lastly, take these clubs to practice range and implement tips that you’ve learned here. You need to understand the distance that you can get from it and you have to be proficient in striking it cleanly. Practice makes perfect. That adage is super popular for a reason.

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