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How to Cure a Slice

Glenda Conner 0

Learning how to cure a slice is a big thing in golf. As a matter of fact, a lot of golfers put this as a top priority.
cure a slice

While there are a lot of types of bad shots in golf, there are always ways to cure a slice and in this blog entry we are going to discuss them in detail.

One culprit for it is that golfers oftentimes send their shots screaming into the right hand tree line and they don’t set it up properly.

You may want to check up your set up first if you are determined to cure a slice. Ensure that your feet and shoulders are lined up properly.

Next on figuring out on how to cure a slice is to examine your grip. Don’t hold the club too tightly in your hands as this will limit your ability with your swing. On the flip side, holding it loosely could affect the quality of your shot. Just try to have a neutral firm grip.

You may also want to check the position of your hands as this could affect your shot as well.

In learning on how to cure a slice, the vital thing is letting the club face strike the ball while it’s in square. This will give you a straight shot.

Another thing to correct is your hip turn. As you hit your shot, its equally important to make a smooth full turn through your downswing. Make sure that you also do a smooth follow through as this is important as well. If you do these things, you will have a good finish.

Most new golfers do this common mistake wherein they swing the club too fast. We have to always remember that the club head speed is important but you shouldn’t force to do it just with your hands.

Those things can definitely help you but if you want to learn how to cure a slice you have to spend some time in determining the cause of it. If you find it out then try to practice more and eventually eliminate that cause. Unlearning those bad habits can do wonders for you.

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