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Alan Brazil Back at 토토사이트 on Monday.

Glenda Conner 0


Alan Brazil has been Reinstated to the Breakfast Show on 토토사이by popular demand apparently.

The fact that the show was shit without him on it was not lost upon me or the big boss Kelvin Mackenzie I reckon.

Anyways, the station played up Brazil’s wayward(ish) lifestyle and love of the horses. I don’t think Talksport should bitch and moan too loud when the Big Brazil ends up smashed out of his brains on champagne lager top and misses the odd 4am wake up call. Especially after 3 days in the Cheltenham races beer tent.

Original Brazil Is Sacked blog entry.

No Big Deal Says 128 Million Pound Lottery Winner

Quote: “It didn�t excite me all that much. It�s no big thing to me”.

He can take his 128 million quid in 26 annual payments or a lump sum of 76 million pounds before taxes.

♣ If it’s really no big thing maybe Mr Tripplet will forget to collect the installments ♣

Yeah right.

Only in England.

England shirts are banned by school

heheh. Political correctness gone mad.

Cyrille Regis, who played for West Bromwich Albion, said: “There’s nothing wrong in wearing the colours of your team. It’s all about respect and tolerance.”

He added: “Everyone should have pride in where they come from and be able to wear their team’s shirt.”

If you thought those “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” ads were over the line, you’ll love this.

One of New Mexico’s biggest American Indian-run casinos has pulled a controversial TV ad that promoted gambling as a financial solution to people who are short on cash or deeply in debt.

The Isleta Casino Resort commercial ran earlier this month featuring a young woman who suggested that the “answer to unpaid bills piling up from holiday-season shopping sprees” could be found at the casino, which operates just south of Albuquerque.. Original story Yahoo/Reuters

Listening to the radio the other morning, Mike Parry said Alan Brazil had left Talksport amicably. I heard that with my own ears.

Alan Brazil insists he was SACKED.

After 4 years of Alan working there I think the least Parry could do is tell it like it is. Trying to pretend sacked presenters never even existed is childish.

I received this today….


Message from Alan Brazil

“Hi Joey,

I am overwhelmed by the hundreds, literally hundreds of emails that I have received regarding my sacking from talkSPORT – I will certainly miss talkSPORT as I loved the job – it has been a big part of my life for the last four years – I missed a day at work after 3 busy days at Cheltenham, I basically slept in !.. More from Brazils Blast

♣ I say good luck Alan and i’ll look out for where you go next. I doubt though if i’ll stop listening to Talksport Radio.

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